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The Orange Bell Pepper

The orange bell pepper brings a burst of colour to every dish. Mildly flavoured, juicy and fresh. Enjoy as an ingredient in a meal or simply on its own. Orange sweet peppers have a band of loyal fans - from the young to the not so young! Read why here.

 per 100 g flesh 
orange bell pepper
 kiloJoule 215 401 116
 kilocal 51 95 28
 protein (mg) 1,1 0,8 0,8
 carbohydrates (g) 7,8 20,6 4,7
 calcium (mg) 23 6 7
 iron (mg) 0,3 0,1 0,4
 sodium (mg)  0 1 0
 vitamin A (mg) 8 5 22
 vitamin B1 (µg) 0,03 0,05 0,03
 vitamin B2 (µg) 0,03 0,03 0,07
 vitamin C (mg) 51 8 133
 Lutein (µg) 50 29 490
 zeaxanthin (µg) 50 1 3333

Source: NEVO-online version 2013/4.0


Orange bell peppers: the undisputed number one when it comes to supplying vitamin C - up to three times as much vitamin C as oranges. And they are absolutely brimming with other healthy goodness. As orange bell peppers contain lutein and zeaxanthin - substances that are important for the prevention of the eye disease macular degeneration - they are also great for your sight.


Good for your sight

Research has shown that the specific nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin - substances orange bell peppers are very rich in - influence the health of your eyes.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are colorants that our eyes need for protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Together with the Goed voor Ogen foundation, we do all we can to help keep your eyes healthy!


No other pepper can beat the flavour, juiciness and crispy freshness of an orange bell pepper. The unique colour is perfect for a variety of dishes, from breakfast to snacks. Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our ‘recipes ‘section and ring the changes!